Keith Singleton

Independent Actor


Full Name
Keith Singleton
Physical Info
Male 6'0'' average build with brown eyes, long brown hair 
Playing Ages
34 - 44 years old
Dublin (native), Many
Performing Arts at The Liberties College, Bull Alley, 3 years Clown Through Mask with Sue Morrison, Toronto Clown with Ira Seidenstein, Belfast
Clown, Comedy Improv, Public Speaking, Singing, Story Telling, Street Theatre
Additional Performances
Comedy, Improvisation, Musical theatre, Presenting, Singer, Voice Over
Badminton, Running, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis
Vehicle Licences
About me

Show Reels

Voice Reels

Commercial VO Demo


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2023 Stage Martin Tinderbox Something Different Patrick J O' Reilly
2022 Stage Fairy Gorgeous GBL Productions Cinderella Stephen Beggs
2022 Stage Fionntan The Lyric The Gap Year Benjamin Gould
2022 Stage Fionntan The Lyric The Gap Year Benjamin Gould
2021 Stage Smee Replay The Untold Truth of Captain Hook Janice Kernoghan-Reid
2021 Stage Danger Dan Replay Curtains Janice Kernoghan-Reid
2021 ShortFilm Kevin Gajardo Films Dispensary of Death Simon O' Neill
2021 Film Sean MacCarnyson Tumble Circus MacCarnysons Ken Fanning
2020 Film Mistlejoe McJingles Brassneck A bELFast Christmas Tony Devlin
2020 Stage Prince Ponce GBL Productions Beauty & The Beast Patrick J O' Reilly
2019 Stage Kevin Big Telly The Worst Café In The World Zoe Seaton
2019 Stage Ryan Cashy Manifesto Poetico Belfast 1919 Carlos Garcia Estévez
2019 Stage Trinculo Creation The Tempest Zoe Seaton
2019 Television Michael Flynn BBC NI Soft Border Patrol 3 Marc McElroy
2018 Stage Genie GBL Productions Aladdin Patrick J O' Reilly
2018 Stage Pascal Big Telly Freak Show Zoe Seaton
2018 Television Michael Flynn BBC NI Soft Border Patrol 2 Keri Collins
2018 Stage Sock Tinderbox Hubert & The Yes Sock Patrick J O' Reilly
2017 Stage Peter Pan The MAC Hansel & Gretel Rhiann Jeffrey
2017 Television Michael Flynn BBC NI Soft Border Patrol Noddy Davidson
2017 Stage Decky The MAC SINNEAD One Night Only... For Two Nights Paula O' Reilly
2017 MusicVideo Dance Captain Crooked Gentlemen Show Me The Science Jeff Doyle
2017 Stage The Earl of Sandwich MACHA Productions Madame Geneva Carol Kelly
2016 Street Theatre Ethel K & N The Oh Dears Niamh McGrath
2016 Stage Seamus Big Telly Puckoon Zoe Seaton
2016 Stage Keith Tinderbox Ignition Patrick J O' Reilly
2016 Stage Rob Show In A Bag Looking Deadly Amy Conroy
2015 Musical Buttons LANA Cinderella Lisa May
2015 Stage Billy Patterson Cahoots NI The Gift Bosco McAneaney
2015 Stage Roger Carney Green Shoot My English Tongue My Irish Heart Martin Lynch
2014 Stage Kenny Big Telly One Sandwich Short Of A Genius Zoe Seaton
2014 Stage Robert Outburst Damage Patrick J O' Reilly

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