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€10 /mo billed annually
€15 /mo billed monthly

Full membership with Fishpond just got even better. Not only will your profile stand out more, you’ll have a clearer path to getting cast. Here are the features that will give you your best opportunity:

enhanced profile
  • 5 profile photos (2 more than before)
  • Unlimited videos
  • A link to your profile
application opportunities
  • Access to jobs
  • Apply directly for roles
  • Audition remotely with auditioncam® / auditionmic®
additional benefits
  • Appear first in searches
  • Exclusive access to member only talks/tips/workshops with industry leaders
  • Access to Stepping Stones projects


Basic Membership

No fee membership

basic profile
  • Limited to 2 photos & 2 videos
  • A link to your profile
passive status
  • Access to Stepping Stones projects
  • Job titles will appear in your dashboard, but you will not be able to view details or apply
  • Return in searches for a limited time


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