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Hear what our lovely actors
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I’m loving Fishpond because…
I recently booked a commercial through Fishpond, who made the process from start to finish smooth and enjoyable, thanks to all at Fishpond.

Owen Barton

I’m loving Fishpond because…
Fishpond provided all casting info in a clear, concise and entirely hassle free way. I constantly felt clued in to the casting process all the way through, both for successful and unsuccessful auditions. It offers all actors one guarantee that's hard to come by: opportunity.

John Morton

I’m loving Fishpond because…
They make the audition process professional and fun and provide actors with opportunities whether represented or not. I have secured work with them as both a self-represented and represented actor. Every member of the Fishpond team is fantastic and really put you at ease during what can be a sometimes nerve-wracking process.

Amy Flood

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I've had numerous castings and have been lucky enough to land two jobs in the last year, so I'm happy :) and it's all thanks to Fishpond.

Pauline ODriscoll

I’m loving Fishpond because…
It's great to have supportive customer care for actors for once! I love Fishpond!

Sarah Farrell

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I recently booked a role in an upcoming tv drama/doc. The producer messaged me via Fishpond after finding my details there.

Denis Tuohy

I’m loving Fishpond because…
Seriously, without the work I got through Fishpond, I would have not been able to afford to stay in Ireland. It's as simple and important as that. It's not just casting, it is helping people live. Off. My. Soapbox.

Dan Siron

I’m loving Fishpond because…
on top of keeping me so connected with the TV & Film industry, the team over at Fishpond are fantastic. They are an extremely helpful, friendly network and provide a great amount of support which has definitely helped me achieve opportunities I may not have gotten without them.

Alexandra Conlon

I’m loving Fishpond because…
My twin boys and I were chosen to feature in a TV/online commercial. It was the first casting call I applied for after a hiatus… The Fishpond team were wonderful to deal with; communicative, efficient, professional, yet easygoing and approachable. We had a great time on the shoot — thanks so much Fishpond!

Shirley Walsh

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I just finished filming for one job have a casting opportunity next week too. The whole Fishpond team are excellent and I look forward to going for more castings through the site again. Thanks for the opportunities you’ve put my way.

Kyle Donaldson

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I'm delighted to have been cast in featured roles in two different projects this year. The annual fee has more than paid off for me, not just financially but from the experience I've gained. Through the audition process I am much more confident and in tune to what directors and advertising agents are looking for. Ali and Katy are always contactable to offer advice on the castings they facilitate and the package they offer is something I think every actor should invest in.

Ruth Hayes

I’m loving Fishpond because…
Two featured roles in high profile projects and I'm only on Fishpond a few months! Definitely worth joining! Thanks to the team at Fishpond : )

Jon Cheung

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