Manuel Pombo

Independent Actor


Full Name
Manuel Pombo
Physical Info
Male 6'2'' heavy build with brown eyes, medium brown hair and beard 
Playing Ages
30 - 44 years old
English, Spanish, Italian, French
Mediterranean, White, Hispanic
International Neutral (native), American, Scottish, RP, Spanish, French, German
Applied Art of Acting with David Scott, Advanced Performance Year at the Gaiety School of Acting, Performance Year at the Gaiety School of Acting, 6 month Acting for Camera at the Irish Film Academy
Horse riding, Guitar playing, Singing,
Additional Performances
Improvisation, Voice Over

Show Reels

Voice Reels

Corporate training


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2019 Film Puertorrican man Fairytale films Fairytale of New York John Eyres
2018 Film Knight Orion Films Gretel and Hansel Oz Perkins
2018 Stage Dan Luke Corcoran Theatre D&D&D Luke Corcoran Theatre
2018 Stage Hal Glasswall Productions Proof Carly Dowd/Carrie Harding
2018 Stage Toto Wild Stag Theatre Present... Luke Corcoran
2017 Stage Black Wild Stag Theatre Black and White Luke Corcoran
2017 Stage Robert Company D Imagining Liam David Scott
2016 Stage Mark Rothko Company D Red David Scott
2015 Stage Joe Pitt Gaiety School of Acting Angels in America John Delaney
2014 Stage John Procter Gaiety School of Acting Crucible Clare Maguire
2014 ShortFilm Pablo Conte Violens Films Bringing in the Sheaves Frank McCaughey

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