Craig Leinster

Independent Actor


Full Name
Craig Leinster
Physical Info
Male 6'4'' slim build with grey eyes, long black hair and beard 
Playing Ages
20 - 30 years old
Irish Speaker
dublin (native), various
Part time course in Bow Street Acting Academy. Scene play with Luke Corcoran. Award winning director Terry McMahon’s Course. Momentum Acting studio Meisner technique. Theatre Lovett training at the Gate theatre. The Friday Studio with David Scott The summer intense week with David Scott Trained with David Scott the Wednesday Workshop 2 terms also done Acting classes with vinny murphy (The Screen Project)Maureen Hughes and Gillian Reynolds Workshop in the Gaiety school of acting Margie Haber workshop in the smock ally Theatre i done lots of theatre shows in the helix/draiocht theatre/the royal albert hall london. Actor in short film called It's a wonderful death for liam upton and big salad productions playing the part of Anto which will be shown at the Underground Film Festival. Part of Assassin in Feature Film The Conspiracy. How to watch IT'S A WONDERFUL DEATH GO TO THE PASSWORD IS wonderfuldeath. Workshop with John and Ros Hubbard (Hubbard Casting) Workshop with Louise Kiely ( louise Kiely casting) In a reconstruction for Tv3's 24 Hours to kill
Character faces/ expressions i also have experience when i was working as a AD on a Feature Film and on my last short film i was assistant camera man for some of the shoot. I also have experience dressing up in costumes and playing characters at children’s events and supermarket family day's
Break dance, Disco, Freestyle, Modern
Additional Performances
Comedy, Improvisation, Modelling, Musical theatre, Singer, Voice Over
Vehicle Licences
Website #2

Show Reels


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2022 ShortFilm Hood 2 Independent It Was Only A Joke Cian monks and Eoin foley
2021 ShortFilm Adrian (lead role) Independent filmmaker Heartbreak Luke Mcgarr
2019 Street Theatre Don John Stanislavski studio theatre company Much ado about nothing Joe Delvin
2018 ShortFilm Connor Independent filmmaker Unwanted Call Patrick chabby
2018 ShortFilm Garda James Mckeogh Student short Alibis Amy Cavanagh
2018 ShortFilm Adult Leo Student short Into the Fog Mia queiroz
2017 Stage Zaur Independent The Unknown Paul Rooney
2017 MusicVideo Actor Grand infusion films Jamie McDonald artist song Willow Baz David
2017 Television Detective TV3 Ireland's most shocking crimes marlynn rynn James Reilly
2017 ShortFilm John Independent Temper Temper Ray hyland

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