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I'm loving the pond because ...

Owen Barton

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I recently booked a commercial through Fishpond, who made the process from start to finish smooth and enjoyable, thanks to all at Fishpond.

Owen Barton (Actor)

Pauline ODriscoll

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I've had numerous castings and have been lucky enough to land two jobs in the last year, so I'm happy :) and it's all thanks to Fishpond.

Pauline ODriscoll (Actor)

Jon Cheung

I’m loving Fishpond because…
Two featured roles in high profile projects and I'm only on Fishpond a few months! Definitely worth joining! Thanks to the team at Fishpond : )

Jon Cheung (Actor)

Sarah Farrell

I’m loving Fishpond because…
It's great to have supportive customer care for actors for once! I love Fishpond!

Sarah Farrell (Actor)

Denis Tuohy

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I recently booked a role in an upcoming tv drama/doc. The producer messaged me via Fishpond after finding my details there.

Denis Tuohy (Actor)

Chris  Mc Morrow

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I booked a couple of TVC’s through the site and they gave me a prize of a year free membership for my monologue.... and they are really nice and friendly to deal with

Chris Mc Morrow (Actor)

Austin Mgrehan

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I had my first audition of the year, and booked the job!! Great start to the new year!!

Austin Mgrehan (Actor)

Gerry Cannon

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I finished off 2016 with a funny Xmas commercial that brought a smile to many faces.

Gerry Cannon (Actor)

Tony Doyle

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I have been asked in for auditions and recently secured a role on a big feature!

Tony Doyle (Actor)

Amy Flood

I’m loving Fishpond because…
They make the audition process professional and fun and provide actors with opportunities whether represented or not. I have secured work with them as both a self-represented and represented actor. Every member of the Fishpond team is fantastic and really put you at ease during what can be a sometimes nerve-wracking process.

Amy Flood (Actor)

Shirley Walsh

I’m loving Fishpond because…
My twin boys and I were chosen to feature in a TV/online commercial. It was the first casting call I applied for after a hiatus… The Fishpond team were wonderful to deal with; communicative, efficient, professional, yet easygoing and approachable. We had a great time on the shoot — thanks so much Fishpond!

Shirley Walsh (Actor)

Kyle Donaldson

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I just finished filming for one job have a casting opportunity next week too. The whole Fishpond team are excellent and I look forward to going for more castings through the site again. Thanks for the opportunities you’ve put my way.

Kyle Donaldson (Actor)

Ruth Hayes

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I'm delighted to have been cast in featured roles in two different projects this year. The annual fee has more than paid off for me, not just financially but from the experience I've gained. Through the audition process I am much more confident and in tune to what directors and advertising agents are looking for. Ali and Katy are always contactable to offer advice on the castings they facilitate and the package they offer is something I think every actor should invest in.

Ruth Hayes (Actor)

John Morton

I’m loving Fishpond because…
Fishpond provided all casting info in a clear, concise and entirely hassle free way. I constantly felt clued in to the casting process all the way through, both for successful and unsuccessful auditions. It offers all actors one guarantee that's hard to come by: opportunity.

John Morton (Actor)

Dan Siron

I’m loving Fishpond because…
Seriously, without the work I got through Fishpond, I would have not been able to afford to stay in Ireland. It's as simple and important as that. It's not just casting, it is helping people live. Off. My. Soapbox.

Dan Siron (Actor)

Alexandra Conlon

I’m loving Fishpond because…
on top of keeping me so connected with the TV & Film industry, the team over at Fishpond are fantastic. They are an extremely helpful, friendly network and provide a great amount of support which has definitely helped me achieve opportunities I may not have gotten without them.

Alexandra Conlon (Actor)

Cormac Finan

I’m loving Fishpond because…
of how efficient and hands on they are. There are jobs on this site for all ages and genders and the emails in relation to work never seem to stop coming. The auditioning process is made ten times easier because of the amazing staff and casting agents that you deal with. I couldn't recommend this site any higher and I am lucky to have got some great work out of it.

Cormac Finan (Actor)


I had a great time shooting the commercial I was cast in. Everyone looked after me and made me feel really special, thanks to Fishpond I got the chance to experience something different. I also got loads of biscuits from the catering table which made the day. It was great fun getting soaked and what's more, it wasn't even raining - A big water truck made the rain. It really was the land of make believe for a day.

Fionn (Actor)

Ruth Berkeley

I’m loving Fishpond because…
it keeps you in the loop with what’s casting and when. I recently got cast in a fun project and the Fishpond team were wonderful throughout the whole process. The casting directors were friendly on the day of casting and commutative/supportive until I was lucky enough to be cast. I'm so glad I joined.

Ruth Berkeley (Actor)

David Latham

I’m loving Fishpond because…
of the huge opportunities they have created for me! I love the fact that they cast from within the performing arts sector for all aspects such as acting, singing and dancing to even voice over work. Fishpond has opened the door to a massive network for myself and colleagues alike, giving many up and coming talented performers the opportunity to work alongside some great actors and directors. I'm very happy to be a Fishpondian

David Latham (Actor)

Mícheál Fleming

I’m loving Fishpond because…
it gives me, as well as hundreds of others actors, opportunities that we otherwise wouldn't have. I've been cast in a few things through Fishpond but even if I don't get cast I always come away from the audition happy. Whether it be from getting the chance to meet directors and producers or even from befriending like-minded individuals who are auditioning too and going on to work with them in the future. Not to mention the team are always lovely and a joy to work with. Here's to 2017!
Thank YOU

Mícheál Fleming (Actor)


I’m loving Fishpond because…
I get called to lots of auditions and everyone is really friendly and nice. It's great fun too as I get to try out for lots of different parts. Over the past year my confidence has grown. I recently secured a really good job and I had the best time working on it.
Thank YOU

Jacob (Actor)

Robert McCarthy

I’m loving Fishpond because…
my son Bobby and I have recently been cast in two separate TV commercials, I've also done an online ad for another company and a corporate training video so there always seems to be something to apply for and the gang at Fishpond are always available to help with advice and tips. I would recommend Fishpond to anyone considering joining.

Robert McCarthy (Actor)

Connie Doona

I’m loving Fishpond because…
it has really welcomed me to the world of acting. I’m so grateful to Fishpond as it has already given me the opportunity to work with and meet new people, and I can’t wait to see what lies in store.

Connie Doona (Actor)

Isabel, Ruby and Mandy

I’m loving Fishpond because…
without them, we would not have sight of all the wonderful opportunities that are available. We were both lucky enough to be picked for a national billboard campaign and had the best time being photographed with some really talented other people. If it wasn't for Fishpond, our Mum wouldn't have known about this opportunity and we wouldn't have applied. Thank you so much to Florence and the whole of the Fishpond team, we think you are great!

Isabel, Ruby and Mandy (Actor)

Richard O'Connor

I’m loving Fishpond because…
having recently signed up, I have been cast in a fun and exciting TV commercial, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to have been cast through Fishpond as it is a wonderful outlet for actor's to get opportunities to audition for exciting projects and gain experience in the industry. The team at Fishpond were terrific to deal with and were helpful during every step of the casting process, I am glad I am a member!

Richard O'Connor (Actor)

Jamie Mcclean

I’m loving Fishpond because…
it gives actors like myself who have not secured an agent and is working independently, chances that you couldn't get without the help of the great team at Fishpond. You're always kept in the loop with what's happening in the acting world which gives you hope that anyone who is passionate can get the same opportunities as represented actors. For this I am grateful for a great site like Fishpond. And to top it off all the team are so sound and know your name when you go in and make you feel like you're important. So everyone that is thinking that the acting world is daunting, needs to get on fishpond.

Jamie Mcclean (Actor)

Elaine Elaine

I’m loving Fishpond because…
Whether you're represented or not you're in the know. You have access to the most recent jobs that are available and better still can apply with the click of a mouse. The Fishpond team are a friendly and encouraging bunch. I've gotten several opportunities for work and have recently finished working on my first feature project, which simply wouldn't have happened had I not been a Fishpond member.

Elaine Elaine (Actor)

Colman Hayes

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I get to audition. All you want is an opportunity and Fishpond gives you one. It doesn't matter if you're represented or not, they'll give you a chance. And even if you don't get the role, you got in the room. What more can you ask.

Colman Hayes (Actor)

Alan Brown

I’m loving Fishpond because…
they have put me, a senior citizen, on a new career path. I have been a farmer, a dementia patient and shortly a judge in a murder trial, (purely as an actor of course). It is great fun in retirement, which is down to Fishpond and their varied selection of roles for all ages

Alan Brown (Actor)

Sam Monaghan

I’m loving Fishpond because…
of all the great opportunities they offer. Everyone there is really friendly and they want you to do well. They make the auditioning process something to look forward to, giving you the confidence you need to show off your skills.

Sam Monaghan (Actor)


I’m loving Fishpond because…
they give great opportunities to go for auditions and to act. They are outstanding for letting you know when there is a new role. They provide wonderful opportunities for you to act in professional environments.

Declan (Actor)

Megan O'Malley

I first signed up to Fishpond during my training in the Gaiety School as it offers so many opportunities to actors of all ages, levels and backgrounds, signed or unsigned. Amazing casting opportunities are posted daily and the application process is so easy, all your information is in one place and you can now even self tape directly through the site, which I love. I've secured many auditions and castings through Fishpond and am delighted to say I've booked my first TVC through a Fishpond casting. I was also awarded Fishponds 'F.A.B' Bursary earlier this year and won a full year membership!!

Megan O'Malley (Actor)

Elise Brennan

I have had a Fishpond profile for about 4 years now and I have loved every minute of it. It is a great way to keep you refreshed. It allows you to keep practicing hard at your art by turning up to as many castings and auditions as possible and banking in excellent job opportunities. The Fishpond team have been so supportive since I've started and I've managed to get a lot of auditions through the site. I got my first main job in August and shot a TVC for Centra that has just aired this week in September! I look forward to the next few months on Fishpond! Onward and upwards from here!

Elise Brennan (Actor)


I’m loving Fishpond because…
I recently got chosen for a commercial not long after signing up. Everyone on the Fishpond Team are always so helpful. I had great fun filming and meeting so many lovely people on set all thanks to Fishpond. I would really love to do it all again. Keep up the great work Fishpond.

Stephen (Actor)

Grainne Boyle

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I got cast in my first commercial recently. I’ve been a member of Fishpond for years gaining confidence and experience with each audition. I always felt welcome and supported in the room too.

Grainne Boyle (Actor)

Maura Foley

I’m loving Fishpond because…
everyone is so friendly and lovely. I’ve recently been cast in a TV commercial and the whole process was very relaxed and fun, as it should be! I’ve been a member of Fishpond for a few years now and I always enjoy casting sessions through Fishpond. Thanks guys!

Maura Foley (Actor)

Mark Hayes

I’m loving Fishpond because…
the people at Fishpond are always a pleasure to work with whether successful or not in an audition. I have been contacted many times by casting directors through Fishpond, when I have not applied for a role but they have thought I would be a good fit. I have actually landed a number of jobs using Fishpond and the money I have made has far outweighed the cost of membership. The Fishpond experience has been wonderful and I look forward to being and ongoing member.

Mark Hayes (Actor)

Meabh Gannon

I’m loving Fishpond because…
it gives me opportunities I never thought I could get and everyone always has a positive attitude.

Meabh Gannon (Actor)

Mia Gannon

I’m loving Fishpond because…
the castings are really fun and everyone is very nice.

Mia Gannon (Actor)

Fran Cooke

I’m loving Fishpond because…
through it I have secured TV adverts, Corporate videos and Television work. As I have no representation I could not have got this work without Fishpond. So what’s not to love?!

Fran Cooke (Actor)

Shane Connellan

Through my membership, I have gained a lot of exposure to high profile individuals and companies. They have certainly helped me progress in my career. I have been with them a while, and I’m not going anywhere. Great staff-helpful, accessible, professional and will offer direction and advice. Thanks guys.

Shane Connellan (Actor)

Hugh McInerney

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I secured my first ever ad through the site, and considering I couldn’t find a summer job the pay is very much appreciated as I’m starting college in a month! I am loving it because there are new jobs on an almost daily basis, and unlike some other websites you don’t apply for ten thousand and get none, this is only my fifth or sixth time applying for an audition. I’m extremely happy with Fishpond and hope to use it for many years to come!

Hugh McInerney (Actor)

Aoife Honohan

I’m loving Fishpond because…
of all of the opportunities that it’s putting my way. I have been called into a lot of castings since becoming a member and have been lucky enough, just recently, to be cast in my first tv commercial. I find the process of receiving potential jobs, applying for them, being called in for auditions and then communicating with the director, all through Fishpond, really simple and efficient. Keep up the good work!

Aoife Honohan (Actor)

Garry Mountaine

I’m loving Fishpond because…
it keeps you in touch with what’s casting and when. The revamped site is excellent and The Fishpond Team are simply the best. Fishpond has become the byword for casting in Ireland.

Garry Mountaine (Actor)

Luke Madden

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I get to go to loads of castings, I’ve been a member since Jan 2016. When a suitable role appears on my page I apply and regularly get called for a casting. I’ve been in a TV commercial and I’ve recently got a role in my first ever short film, 3 days on set, I had a ball. Fishpond has given me brilliant opportunities and all the castings I go to give me nbsp;more confidence. Not bad work for an 8 year old thanks to Fishpond

Luke Madden (Actor)

Aileen Wymes

I’m loving Fishpond because…
they are friendly and professional. If you are called to audition through the site you have a genuine chance. Having recently secured a fantastic job, I look forward to working with getting more auditions through Fishpond in the future.

Aileen Wymes (Actor)

Ciara McKeown

I’m loving Fishpond because…
I was called for my first casting 2 days after I signed up. I've been called for castings every few weeks since then. I have been for about ten castings so far, and recently myself, partner and children were lucky enough to be cast in a commercial requiring a real family. It was a fantastic day's shoot for all of us. Every single member of the team at Fishpond has been friendly, efficient and accommodating. The Fishpond platform offers unrepresented as well as represented actors a chance to audition for well-paid professional jobs. Definitely worth signing up for.

Ciara McKeown (Actor)

Erin McClure

I really love Fishponds because they are the go-to for Irish and International directors when casting talent. They are also super friendly and there to offer advice if needs be.

Erin McClure (Actor)

Paddy Dean

I'm loving Fishpond because as a self-represented Actor they constantly provide the best of opportunities. The whole team are brilliant. Professional, supportive and really gunning for you to get the job. Couldn't ask for more. If you're not in the Pond you're not in the game. So so grateful to be swimming with yee.

Paddy Dean (Actor)

Derek D

I am loving Fishpond because I got my first job not long after registering with them. The staff are lovely and really make you feel at ease when you are so nervous as this was my first time. I would really love to be called again as it’s so exciting I’m always checking my emails!!!! Keep up the good work Fishpond.

Derek D (Actor)

Claire Loy

I am loving Fishpond because it allows actors to get in front of loads of different TV and film directors. I've been lucky and have been cast in a number of projects through Fishpond.The site is easy to navigate and you can update your profile with new credits or a new reel in minutes. It is a brilliant resource, particularly for independent actors who can keep  up to date with  Industry castings. The team are always friendly, efficient and professional which makes the auditioning process all the more enjoyable. Thanks for everything guys, xx

Claire Loy (Actor)

Stephen Ryan

I am loving Fishpond because Fishpond has given me the opportunity to do exactly what I love doing, which of course is acting. The Fishpond team are fantastic they have a great energy and ability to put you at ease and have fun. The website is brilliantly designed and easy to use. I have had a great experience. Five thumbs up! :)

Stephen Ryan (Actor)

Shane Connellan

I am loving fishpond because they have been the gateway to the roles I have acquired in recent months.  It's a fantastic set up with a superb team behind it. They want you to succeed and couldn't come more highly regarded. I have gained more exposure through fishpond than any other means or media. I will be here for a long time to come and I urge any professional to jump in... They bite.

Shane Connellan (Actor)

Chris Fitzgerald

I am loving Fishpond because after being with them for only a short while I've had several worthwhile auditions and just recently secured a role in the new Aer Lingus commercial. I find them to be completely professional, thorough, caring and just so bloody good at what they do. Sometimes living in the south west, as I do, one can feel a little isolated but Fishpond are definitely keeping me in the loop and I can honestly say that I know that they are working for me. Sooooo, Rock on Fishpond.

Chris Fitzgerald (Actor)

Tommy Hourston

I’m loving fishpond because even when I’m not applying for jobs, my details are still being viewed and they are still trying to get me cast, that’s the dedication they have to me and that’s why I'm proud to be a member of the fishpond family.

Tommy Hourston (Actor)

Carol O’Reilly

I’m loving Fishpond because it gives actors great opportunities to audition for a lot of high profile jobs, get seen by lots of different casting directors and best of all meet some really cool/crazy people :) I’ve gotten so many auditions since joining Fishpond and as all actors know that auditions can be daunting at times. Well practice really does make perfect cause I booked a really cool gig recently! The whole Fishpond team are lovely, their very helpful and friendly, so GET ON IT!!!

Carol O’Reilly (Actor)

Karen Tynan

I'm loving Fishpond because I secured a great job just a week before Xmas!  Nice!  Also through Fishpond last year, I worked on a feature film, in which the subject matter was very important to me. Thanks Fishpond and I look forward to seeing what jobs you have in store for 2015!

Karen Tynan (Actor)

Andrea Bolger

I'm loving Fishpond because.....  I'm currently studying acting full time....which doesn't allow much time to earn a lot of money! With Fishpond, I love seeing an email come through, because it always brings the hope of some new and exciting work. I have had various auditions throughout last year, and recently got cast in my first advert. I couldn't believe it! I'd like to say thank you to the Fishpond team for giving me the opportunity and making the process so easy going and fun!

Andrea Bolger (Actor)

Robert Fawsitt

I am loving fishpond because of the size of the network, how easy it is to keep in contact, the set-up of the company and the people that work there, so helpful!

Robert Fawsitt (Actor)

Allan Keating

I love Fishpond because in addition to helping me gain exposure to the right people in the business, it is extremely easy for me to update my profile with the latest content when I need to - I have complete control. The Fishpond Team have helped me land several jobs since joining, and I intend to stick around!

Allan Keating (Actor)

Fiona Condon

I'm loving Fishpond because I secured a great job just a week before Xmas!  Nice!  Also through Fishpond last year, I worked on a feature film, in which the subject matter was very important to me. Thanks Fishpond and I look forward to seeing what jobs you have in store for 2015!

Fiona Condon (Actor)

Christopher Matthew

I am loving fishpond because its a great way to start out with auditions. All the staff are very friendly and ready to advise you if you need. I am not with them long but have already had loads auditions and also landed a big commercial. The only thing i regret is not joining fishpond sooner!

Christopher Matthew (Actor)

Gerry Herbert

I love Fishpond because they are excellent at what they do. Since I joined last year I have been given the opportunity to audition for several roles and the ones where I was successful were for high quality professional projects. Both Ali and Katy have that rare ability to combine total professionalism with a warm and friendly approach. They are good people.

Gerry Herbert (Actor)

Chiara Lyn

I love Fishpond because I'm a small fish and now I get to join the shoal of Big Fish swimming in the sea of acting. I was recently cast in a music video, without the help and support of Fishpond this never would have happened. Fishpond is helping me pursue my dream.

Chiara Lyn (Young Actor)


Thank you, because of Fishpond my daughter Chiara Lyn has the opportunities she never would have had, she's happy so I'm happy.

Sharon (Chiara's mama)

Patrick Molloy

I am loving Fishpond because it gives you the opportunity to audition for a lot of high profile work in TV, Film and Theatre. I have secured a number of jobs through this great facility and I have always found the Fishpond team friendly and ready to answer any questions. I'll be sticking around!

Patrick Molloy (Actor)

Kate Harris

I am loving Fishpond because getting cast in a recent role would have been pretty impossible without it! My profile is up there for casting directors to see and I don’t have to do a thing. It’s unbelievably simple and the rewards are fantastic! I would recommend any actor to join!

Kate Harris (Actor)

Jake O'L

I am loving Pondlings because I really enjoy going to auditions and Fishpond means I get to go to lots of them! I also loved being a shepherd for the day for the Aldi Christmas ad. Everyone was so nice at the audition and on set. I can’t wait for more Fishpond adventures!

Jake O'L (Young Actor)

Ben Reynolds

I am loving Fishpond because it helped me become visible to the industry as a new actor in Ireland. I began getting regular auditions, which gave me invaluable experience in front of casting directors, and in turn I began getting cast. You cannot afford to not be on Fishpond.

Ben Reynolds (Actor)

Aoife Williamson

I am loving Fishpond because I would never have got my recent role on my own without an agent. It has opened me up to opportunities that I couldn't possibly have gotten myself. Thanks to Fishpond my nephews and nieces are going to get spoilt this Christmas!!

Aoife Williamson (Actor)

Livy Riordan

I am loving Fishpond because I feel comfortable dealing with Ali and the team. I am loving the email notifications with job offers. I am loving the buzz and excitement with auditions. Finally, I am loving great opportunities to work with great directors and people such as Pierce Brosnan.

Livy Riordan (Actor)

Marie Ruane

I am loving Fishpond because it has provided me with so many work opportunities in the past two years. They have regular castings and you control what jobs you apply for. As a self represented actor I cannot recommend it highly enough. My advice is won't regret it.

Marie Ruane (Actor)

Martin Condon

I am loving Fishpond because it is without doubt the number one casting database in Ireland! If you’re not in Fishpond you’re not in ‘the game’ because you’re missing out on so much top-quality jobs on a daily basis all year round! When you’re a member of Fishpond you can be sure you’ve your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Ireland! And you will not find a nicer and more hard working team that also are rooting for you to succeed! Being a member of Fishpond – it’s a no-brainer! I know because I’ve had great successes with Fishpond. Do yourself and your career a favour, sign up today!

Martin Condon (Actor)

Lenny Holman

I am loving Fishpond because it’s given me my biggest break ever. After a lot of encouragement from people in the industry I joined and I definitely made the right decision. Fishpond gives you opportunities, which are simply not available elsewhere in the business. Thanks again Fishpond.

Lenny Holman (Actor)

Shane Casey

I am loving Fishpond because dealing with Fishpond is a pleasure from start to finish. It's always got the best selection of roles and acting jobs to apply for. Definitely one of the highlights of my day is logging on to Fishpond to see what new postings there are. And now, success! Having secured a role on a nationwide ad to run in the second half of the year, I feel like a million bucks thanks to the treatment from all at Fishpond. And this is before the ad is even shot! I was consulted at every turn, briefed well and kept-up-to-date of progress. Not something to be taken for granted in this market. It's been a life-affirming experience for this actor.

Shane Casey (Actor)

Margaret Mc Bride

I love Fishpond because, in the three years I've been with them, I've got two commercials and had the opportunity to work with director Ken Wardrop. I'm based outside Dublin and without Ali, Katy and Fishpond would never get to hear of opportunities. Thanks to you all - you really look after us!

Margaret Mc Bride (Actor)

Sharyn Hayden

Fishpond is a wonderful resource for actors, agents and producers alike as it breaks the entire process down into a completely user-friendly website. Upload your details, receive notifications when the work is in, apply, wait to be called, audition (don't forget to be brilliant) and then hopefully get the job! All the ladies in Fishpond are really professional and friendly and will take care of you. My son Jacob and I can't wait to see our National Lottery ad on the tellybox!! Thanks Fishpond x

Sharyn Hayden (Actor)

Chris Rowley

Just a short note to thank you once again for all your help in the past few weeks. I have just finished filming my most recent TVC. This is my 5th Ad in the 3 years, Irish and International, all thanks to Fishpond. I have also had other work & VO's as a result of Production Companies being able to view my profile. As an independent actor your help is immeasurable and I am getting more work than some of my represented actor friends! As you know my little boy, thanks to Pondlings, has also been shortlisted a couple of times in commercials (no luck yet but his time will come ! :) ) Both of us enjoy coming into see you and certainly from my little boy’s perspective you make it fun and undaunting. Keep up the good work and keep the work coming ! :)

Chris Rowley (Actor)

Kevin Mc Gahern

The website is really handy to use, the auditions are fairly regular and the staff are warm and friendly which instantly puts you at ease.

Kevin Mc Gahern (Actor)

Eoghan Moloney

Fishpond gave me the tools I needed to find work without the hours of searching which I had to do before. It's easy to use and cheap to boot, you just can't beat Fishpond.

Eoghan Moloney (Actor)

Sacha Pakkiri

I like Fishpond because the team goes that extra mile.

Sacha Pakkiri (Actor)

Barry Roe

I'm loving Fishpond because it offers actors a great platform to promote themselves whilst also allowing them to see what opportunities are out there. It's thanks to Fishpond that I was recently cast. I would definitely recommend joining the site to any actor -Thanks guys!

Barry Roe (Actor)

Gemma Crowley

I am loving Fishpond because it allows me to share my profile with many casting directors. I receive a lot of jobs into my account meaning I am regularly auditioning and in the past couple of years I got 2 jobs with them meaning I always make my subscription fee back!

Gemma Crowley (Actor)

Danny le Bris

I'm loving Fishpond because, even if I am not represented by an agent, I get visibility through the website and I was recently able to secure a position in a very interesting project. I would have never got the part if it wasn't for Fishpond. Thank you.

Danny le Bris (Actor)

Andrew Stanley

I am loving Fishpond because literally within a couple of weeks of joining I had secured a number of VO jobs as well as attending numerous auditions, which I was lucky enough to land. The range of work offered and experience gained from these auditions is second to none and all the crew at Fishpond are great to deal with.

Andrew Stanley (Actor)

Scott Findlay

I am loving Fishpond because it got me out of a dry spell. Fishpond is the perfect place for actors to find a steady supply of auditions to practice audition techniques. Beyond the actual work that I have attained from being a member of Fishpond, it is the experience I am most grateful for. Thanks Fishpond! :-D

Scott Findlay (Actor)

Kelly McAuley

I joined Fishpond last summer and since then I have been invited to several castings and presented with fantastic opportunities. I was cast in January and owe a huge thank you to Ali, Katy and all the lovely fish for making my bank balance look very good for a change! It's a great opportunity for actors in Ireland and well worth the investment.

Kelly McAuley (Actor)

Lochlainn Mc Kenna

I first joined Fishpond in January of 2010, back when Fishpond was but a little fry. Since then, I have used Fishpond to compile every single credit I've achieved over the last 3 and a half years. Fishpond is my one hub for all my acting material, readily laid out, professionally and respectably. My own Irish, Spotlight! Ali, Katy and the whole school are - and always have been - very approachable and swimmingly considerate. Auditions have been easy and nerveless and always a bit of fun, self tapes have been handled well and always viewed fairly. So here's a massive scaly fins up from a jolly jocose jellyfish enjoying his swim in a pond of possibility.

Lochlainn Mc Kenna (Actor)

Frances Blackburn

Congratulations on the new site. It's great to see the range of jobs on offer and allows the rest of us Fishes to feel we're in the right pond. May you go from strength to strength and may the fishing be better than ever.

Frances Blackburn (Actor)

Donna Ruane

I am loving fishpond because...I joined.... I auditioned.....Lots.....I got......a job in the pond........and I will keep swimming till I’m caught again....Thanks so much Ali and Katy...Love going for the auditions......and the added bonus is landing a gig....Keep up the good work...Donna xxx

Donna Ruane (Actor)

Sean Finegan

I love that it puts your career in your own hands, seeing what jobs are available and picking and choosing what you feel suits you. The contract, the fee, the production companies involved, it's all so transparent, and a great way to learn about the industry for yourself. Four thumbs up.

Sean Finegan (Actor)

Will Murphy

I am loving Fishpond because it’s helping me realise my dream of becoming an actor and I also got to spend the whole day on a boat.

Will Murphy (Actor)

Paddy Dean

My goodness gracious me where to begin? 6 interviews 4 callbacks 2 gets Statistics like that make me happy as a clam and sure I can only improve!!! It has been an utter true joy to be a drop in the pond and the support and loveliness of all on board have made this little droplet sizzle. Lets keep on keepin on.

Paddy Dean (Actor)

 Pedro Abraham

I am loving Fishpond because it provides opportunity.

Pedro Abraham (Actor)

Mel Ryan

I'm loving Fishpond because I have got two TV commercials in the last couple of months, along with two other video shoots for an advertising agency. So it's great value along with great service from Ali, Katy and team. Everyone is really nice to deal with too!! Thank you Fishpond!

Mel Ryan (Actor)

Siobhan Manson

Through Fishpond I landed an amazing job only a month after joining, they seriously have their finger on the pulse of the industry and have new work coming in almost daily! You won't regret the investment, Thank you Fishpond!!

Siobhan Manson (Actor)

Graham Dodd

Fishpond really do care and want you to get the job, it's not just something they say, they really are rooting for you! I landed a great job and throughout the Fishpond team was there to help and guide. Sign up now!

Graham Dodd (Actor)

Kyle Stokes

I'm loving Fishpond because it's a great insight to how things work in this wonderful industry. I recently got the chance to be apart of the google 10 years online video, which was an amazing experience. Fishpond is a great service to the industry as well as its actors. I would and do recommend it to any Actor.

Kyle Stokes (Actor)

Adrian Hudson

I'm loving Fishpond because the Fishpond team are top drawer and offer each and every member such wonderful opportunities week in and week out. Jump in. Make waves. Fishpond rocks!

Adrian Hudson (Actor)

Michael Dempsey

I like Fishpond because it alerts you personally about opportunities. I have been alerted to dozens of opportunities in the last month. It is a very user-friendly forum, once you have your profile set up it is very simple and quick to apply for jobs. Casting users can view my show reel and listen to my voice reel through my profile, which gives them a good indication of my range for casting. Contracts, terms and conditions are very clearly stated also through Fishpond. Overall I think it is the effective communication and user friendliness, which makes Fishpond stand out and saves all of us time.

Michael Dempsey (Actor)

Manus Halligan

I joined Fishpond two months ago and since then got cast in a new Meteor commercial. It was a great opportunity and has also been an excellent addition to my showreel. Cheers to Ali and all at Fishpond.

Manus Halligan (Actor)

Muiris Crowley

I recently returned home to Ireland from the US, where immediately I joined Fishpond and a couple weeks in booked 'Romeo & Juliet Unplugged'. Just about to run out the door to try and land my first commercial, Thanks Fishpond. Everybody needs to get wet..... Jump in!

Muiris Crowley (Actor)

Trevor Somers

I am loving Fishpond because it allows actors to view castings and decide themselves if they feel a role is right for them. This unique freedom gives you the chance to meet casting directors, directors and others in a role you feel most suited to. It's an invaluable resource for anyone pursuing acting work.

Trevor Somers (Actor)

Seamus Feerick

I'm loving Fishpond because as a freelance self represented actor it is one of the few avenues through which I can access work and like all " fishing expeditions " now and again luck smiles on one and recently I had a catch!

Seamus Feerick (Actor)

Eve Macklin

Ali and team are always so helpful and friendly, totally on the ball with what's going on casting wise in Dublin. Membership is worth every penny & thanks to my last job... Santa was able to stop by this Christmas! Right on Fishpond x

Eve Macklin (Actor)

Fran Cooke

As an Actor who worked primarily on the stage I wanted to try my hand at TV and Film, but without an agent or relevant experience how could I achieve this? The answer is Over the last year and thanks to Fishpond I have attended many auditions and put together introductions and monologues. I have also been lucky enough to secure a part on a Corporate DVD and more recently a Television advert. Now I am in a position to put together a showreel and hopefully progress further.

Fran Cooke (Actor)

Donna Lyons

Well it all sounded a little fishy to start off with when I heard about it but then when I took the leap I couldn't believe how in the loop I was straight away. Now all I can say is 'what a great catch'. People in the industry can now get their hooks into me easier & all my info is on show for everyone to see. Plus no audition will ever escape me. I'm a big fish at last ..gloop glopp!

Donna Lyons (Actor)

Gemma Crowley

Well obviously I'm a huge Fishpond lover, securing one gig not only got me out of a tight spot at the time (you actor people know the tight spot I'm talking about ;-] ), but it paid for my Fishpond membership multiple times! But my favourite part of my Fishpond story is how well perceived my profile is internationally. I moved to Chicago, U.S. last year and it is great to be able to pass around my card (yes they do that here) with my Fishpond link on it. They can see my headshot, CV and my videos, which is great as I haven't got a demo yet! So there you go, Fishpond has travelled and Chicago loves it! Best wishes for all the future.

Gemma Crowley (Actor)

Christina Carty

It recently brought a windfall...

Christina Carty (Actor)

Stefanie Preissner

I was recently cast in a commercial and received the brief through Fishpond. The whole procedure was completely simple and carefree.

Stefanie Preissner (Actor)

Gary Mullan

Just a note to say I am getting ready to head to Sligo to do "What's it worth", which I secured through Fishpond, which is fantastic as I only joined the site a couple of months ago.

Gary Mullan (Actor)


I would like to say a BIG thank you to Fishpond and the all team for all the help and encouragement they gave to my daughter Isabella. Without it she would never have gotten the opportunities and success from recent castings in both the still campaign for Eir and a supermarket commercial for Lidl. Isabella is loving the whole process and the experience alone if fantastic! She says it’s the best thing that she has ever done and from an 8 year old that says an awful lot.

Isabella ((Young Actor))


Fishpond are admirable at what they do. Since Kacey joined she has been given the opportunity to audition for several roles that match her playing age. Since Kacey secured her first job her confidence has grown and she feels confident for future casting.

Kacey ((Young Actor))

Elaine O Dwyer

Auditions can be frustrating, disappointing and disheartening at times BUT when one door closes another will ALWAYS open. Fishpond gives actors the opportunity to do their thing, again and again. THANK YOU to the pond of fish who gave me the opportunity to work on a great commercial with a great bunch of people and ultimately get paid for it! Anyone who has an interest in acting needs dive into the pond and become a member -what have you got to lose?

Elaine O Dwyer (Actor)

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