Galway Film Fleadh / 7 Films Cast with the Help of Fishpond

Congratulations to all the talented casting directors and actors for their work on these outstanding films screening at July's Galway Film Fleadh. At Fishpond, we’re dedicated to showcasing the special work you do and remain committed to helping you create your masterpieces. We see you and we're proud to have you in the pond.

Projects cast with the help of Fishpond include

Cast by Steven McKenna

Kathleen Is Here
Cast by Emma Gunnery

King Frankie
Cast by Ali Coffey

Cast by Áine O'Sullivan

Remote Strutting
Cast by Shauna Griffith

Cast by Eva-Jane Gaffney

Cast by Not Another INTL

Tickets are selling quickly for all screenings, so if you'd like to attend and support film in Ireland, book now on www.galwayfilmfleadh.com

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