June Actor Mission / Add a High Quality Voice Clip

Monthly Mission
Time and energy can get away from us all, so if you only manage to do one small thing for yourself this month, we want to help you to do that. Every month, the Fishpond team sets you / your young actor a simple and achievable task that's going to support you in your creative endeavours. We'll even provide additional resources to get you started. 

June Mission
Your mission this month, should you choose to accept it, is about working towards adding high quality voice clips to your profile. Casters in Ireland (and much further afield) are active on Fishpond, searching every day for talent for their next voice project - animation, audiobooks, corporate videos, feature films, video games etc.Present yourself in the best light possible and make it easy for casters to consider you.

We've provided plenty of advice on how to do this and some inspiration to get you started.  

Log into your Fishpond dashboard and you'll find all the details for this month's mission here.

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