FP Talks / All Things Voice with Nick DiCola

Date: Wednesday 5th June
Time: 6.30pm
Duration: Approx 40 mins
Location: Online
Join: Here

Monthly Talks
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June Guest - Nick DiCola
Nick DiCola (he/him) is an LA-based voice, dialect, and dialogue coach. In 2011, he received his MA in Voice Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Credits of note include serving as deputy dialect coach for "Billy Elliot the Musical" in the West End, as Voiceover Director for Amazon’s English-language virtual assistant Alexa, and as language advisor and designer for the upcoming video game "Indiana Jones and the Sacred Circle”. Nick teaches Voice Production and Speech at AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts in LA, as well as supporting clients independently.

We will be delving into areas such as

  • The distinction between voice work and dialect work
  • The tool kit needed to learn how to navigate accents yourself
  • How to build authenticity in an accent
  • How the SAG AFTRA strike has impacted voice and dialect coaches
  • How he creates voices for video games and how vertical recording and voiceovers are taking the world by storm

Question Time
If you have any questions for Nick on voice or accents, you'll be able to pose them to him at the end of the session, so make the most of this special opportunity. 

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