April Showcase Winners / Bringing Books to Life

Congratulations to the ten talented Fishpond actors who have been selected as the winners of our April Showcase - Bringing Books to Life. We provided some diverse script options from well-known novels such as 'Life of Pi', 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', 'The Hunger Games' and 'Where the Wild Things Are' and challenged actors to make the characters their own.

We loved watching all the submissions and are proud to announce our top talents, who will be shared with all the casters using Fishpond (over 1000 in Ireland and further afield).

Watch all the winning videos here and read our feedback below.

Top 5 Adult Actors 

Anna Winifred

"We were thoroughly impressed with your interesting and engaging approach, as you took on a contemporary style."

Chiara Farrell

"The moment where your voice breaks and you allow yourself to be completely vulnerable is a beautiful transition and very captivating."

Claire Gavin
"We really enjoyed how you weren't afraid to enjoy the moments on camera where you weren't speaking. We could feel you were really connected and took us on the journey with you."

Sean Hubbard
"We felt your performance had a real sweetness to it, and you went against the normal approach of tough love which really drew us in."

Jerome O'Sullivan
"We could feel you battling between being strong and assertive, as the emotion fought its way through. It made for a very captivating performance."

Top 5 Young Actors


"Normally we do not recommend looking directly down the camera lens, but we feel this really worked well for this scene, as if you were addressing us personally."

"You didn't try to be too old or too strong, but allowed yourself to be a teenager who felt like the world was crumbling down around her."

"We could see you bringing this story to life, and it had a really playful energy and lovely use of inflections."

"We loved that you took your time and weren't afraid to use pauses to enhance your performance. You gave a real sense of a girl that has had to grow up too fast."

"We loved your intelligent and charismatic introduction, it showed a real understanding of the script and drew us in from the start."

Well done again to all.

Remember that our bi-monthly showcases aren't just a chance for you to be showcased to all the casters using Fishpond - they're also an opportunity for you to get creativepractice your self-taping skills and create strong material that you can add to your profile.

We're always rooting for you and we'll see you very soon for our next one.

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