Showtops Winners 2024 / Leah Moran Stage School

On Saturday the 20th of April, our Youth Ambassador Siobhán Aislinn had the pleasure of being invited to the Show Tops Final in the Tommy Leddy Theatre (TLT) in Dundalk. Schools from all over Ireland competed in song and dance with ages ranging from 5 to 22.

The two deserving schools competing in the final were Leah Moran Stage School and Centre Stage School Mallow, showcasing incredible performances and sportsmanship in supporting the opposing school.

"They had me tapping my feet, whooping from my chair and singing along to the catchy showtunes. They were a brilliant example of professionalism and I was blown away by the level of talent and the energy."

Congratulations to Leah Moran Stage School for being crowned Show Tops overall Champions 2024

We're always eager to support young talent at Fishpond, so thank you for inviting us along - the future of talent in Ireland is bright. 

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