April Showcase / Bringing Books to Life

It's time for our April Showcase!

Get Creative
This month, we are celebrating books that have been transformed into motion pictures, and we've selected five script options to suit a variety of playing ages. We challenge you to show us YOUR interpretation of your chosen script. How can you make the character your own? 

Get Noticed
• The Fishpond Team will choose the Top 5 Adults (age 16+) and Top 5 Pondlings (under 16s) and these will be shared directly with our full caster database of over 1000 industry professionals. This includes casting directors in Ireland, the UK, and further afield, directors, producers, theatre companies, production companies, etc.  
• We'll provide you with some feedback on your performance and add a winner badge to your Fishpond profile so casters can see that you're a Showcase winner.
• We'll also share your talents on social media.

Submissions close at 5pm on Tuesday 30th April.

Click here for all the info - we can't wait to see your beautiful work.

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