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Fishpond is proud to announce our very first online course, The Basics of the Business for Actors - Who's Who.

Supported by Screen Ireland under the Screen Stakeholders Funding Scheme, we have created a free online course which seeks to empower actors on their chosen career path.

Acting can often be a lonely, mysterious and intimidating profession - we want to change that.

Who is this course for?
Whether you are brand new to acting, returning after some time away, a parent / guardian to a young actor, or a seasoned pro who simply wishes to brush up on your industry knowledge, we will guide you through the key players you will encounter on your journey.

We'll dive into the roles of Casting Director, Agent, Director and Actor, and show you how all four intertwine to create beautifully finished pieces of work for screen.

This course is open to all, whether a member of Fishpond or not.

Our five aims in creating this course with the support of Screen Ireland are:

• to encourage both new and established performers to follow their dreams and prepare them for what to expect in the Irish acting industry, in particular auditioning - often the main task of being a working actor. The more skills they can develop, the higher the quality of their work will be, which will benefit them and the screen industry as a whole.

• to benefit the Irish screen industry in general by providing actors with valuable knowledge on the world of casting and auditioning so they feel confident in how to interact with industry players. There are plenty of acting / performance courses available in Ireland but there is no course like this available at the moment on navigating the industry itself.

• to offer an equal and exciting skills development opportunity to performers of all backgrounds, particularly those who may not usually have the means to undertake expensive industry training. The more prepared they are for the world of work, the more the industry as a whole will benefit from a diverse range of talent.

• to develop and deliver this course as what we hope will be just the first in a range of online courses provided by Fishpond. We want to support performers in any way we can every year, through what can often be a tricky, challenging career path. We hold extensive knowledge that we want to share.

• to provide insight into the mysterious world of auditioning and casting to people at all stages of their career. In our experience, even experienced performers don’t always know the basics of the industry - things which would serve them greatly. We also want to help parents / guardians of young performers to understand the inner workings of the industry as often they are not experienced enough to know how best to assist their budding superstars.

We're always rooting for you and we hope this short online course provides you with knowledge and confidence to pursue your acting goals.

Don't hesitate to drop us a line at hello@fishpond.ie if you would like to share any feedback.

To Fran, Hannah, Judith and all the team at Screen Ireland, thank you for your ongoing support for Fishpond and making this initiative a reality.

Go raibh maith agaibh.

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