Congratulations to our 4th Wall Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the ten talented Fishpond actors who were selected by Katy Moylan-Shorten, casting director extraordinaire with AC Casting, as the winners of our February 4th Wall Challenge.

Katy challenged actors to speak directly to the camera, a skill that is especially useful for commercial projects. She was blown away by your talent and gave some lovely feedback on the performances too.

Watch all the winning videos here and read Katy's feedback below.

Top 5 Adult Actors

Lora Hartin

"Really natural and warm. It feels like she's talking to a friend but keeps the energy engaging. Lovely job."

Lorena Montes
"She manages to smile while talking, which isn't easy. She keeps the right balance between professional and warm and friendly."

Dave Rowe
"Really liked how natural this performance was. He was definitely speaking to a friend. I really liked the warmth at the end."

Emily Swain
"Very nice and natural performance - felt comfortable and seamless. The ball/sunglasses elements showed a lovely personality."

Anna Winifred
"She has a lovely connection to the camera and natural ease to her performance. She gets the balance right between being natural and bringing energy and personality."

Top 5 Young Actors


"Really nice performance, Emeli. It really felt like it was you talking and not something you had prepared. And I love the twinkle in your eye."

"I like how much the family is annoying you - you got the tone just right. And I like how casually you talked about the foodie app like it was no big deal."

"Lovely sullen teen portrayal here Katie - natural and confident. Well done.


"Really nice job, Lyla. I like how confident you are and how natural you seem, and the twinkle in your eye at the end is superb."

"Lovely personality and performance from Poppy. I love the twinkle in your eye and the brilliant energy you bring."

Well done to all, and thank you to Katy for taking the time to watch and offer so much personal feedback. We run exclusive Fishpond Showcases bimonthly, so we'll see you very soon for our next one.

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