Fishpond and Bubbles / Networking for Actors in Cork

Last month, we hosted our first Fishpond and Bubbles networking event in the bustling Cork City - what an afternoon!

ActorsVision Cork kindly hosted us in their inspiring studios, and our event was open to all - industry professionals, working actors, young actors and anyone who has a passion for acting and curiosity about how to get started.

It gave us all an opportunity to bond over our shared love of the industry and to connect with other Munster based actors.

"It’s great for us that the local actors have access to events like yours, as it obviously helps them step into and navigate the industry."
- ActorsVision 

"I just wanted to say congratulations again on a very successful and enjoyable evening networking event in Cork on 3rd March. I drove up from Limerick to attend (my first of its kind as I joined Fishpond early this year).You were very helpful and invited anyone to make contact for any assistance; queries etc. Just to add I think the Fishpond platform is excellent; congratulations to the Fishpond Team."
- Dean, Actor

"It was really lovely to meet you on Sunday, it's so exciting and positive to see Ireland smashing it now in film and tv. Thank you for your insight and hosting it. I have taken away the tips and am ready to jump back across the water for an opportunity."
- Stephanie, Actor

Keep an eye out for our next networking event - we can't wait to meet you. 

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