11 IFTA Nominations Cast with the Help of Fishpond

Congratulations to all the talented Fishpond actors appearing in these outstanding films and series that have been nominated for the 2024 Irish Film and Television Academy Awards.

Using our platform, top casters were able to find the perfect performers for six feature films, three television series and two short films. Next year, it could be you.

Cast by Louise Kiely

Cast by Emma Gunnery

Mud Queen
Cast by Seamus Waters

My Sailor, My Love
Cast by Emma Gunnery

Cast by Louise Kiely

Cast by Suzanne Smith

That They May Face The Rising Sun 
Cast by Maureen Hughes

The Miracle Club
Cast by Maureen Hughes

The Pope's Exorcist
Cast by Amy Dolan / Daniel Hubbard / Anne McCarthy

Two for the Road
Cast by Eva-Jane Gaffney

Cast by Patricia Kelly

We're always rooting for you and we wish the best of luck to all the nominees at the IFTA Awards ceremony on April 20th in Dublin.

In our eyes, you're all winners.

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