April Talk / All About Commercials

Date: Monday 8th April
Time: 6pm
Duration: Approx 40 mins
Location: Online
Join: Here

Monthly Talks
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All About Commercials
Our April conversation is with Katy Moylan-Shorten, veteran casting director with Ali Coffey Casting and guest judge of our recent 4th Wall Showcase. Katy will be talking to us about her extensive work as a casting director, focusing particularly on the commercial world. Katy has cast hundreds of commercials, knows all the ins and outs of how final casting decisions are made, and how actors can do their absolute best.

Katy will discuss
- the casting process for commercials
- making strong choices as an actor 
- instinct / improv / taking direction
- talking to camera / recent 4th Wall Showcase

Question Time
If you have any questions for Katy on commercials, you'll be able to pose them to her at the end of the session, so make the most of this special opportunity.

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