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Looking for boys for ad campaign


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Production Dates

Casting Tuesday 9th March via Zoom
Wardrobe - Friday March 12th
Shoot - Friday March 19th


If cast the fees would be as follows  
BSF x €175
Rehearsal fee x 1 €175
Wardrobe Fee €35C
ovid testing fee €50Chaperone Fee €200
ROI usages for 1 year TV, online including VOD and social for 1 x 30sec and 1 x 10sec including any direct cutdown or versions - €1500
TOTAL: €2,135 each

Given the current state of affairs, production will ask a second actor to standby for each role. Actors would receive the below for this.

BSF x €175Covid test fee x €50
Wardrobe fee x €50
Chaperone fee x €200


No files associated with this breakdown.



Playing age: 9 - 11 years old

Boy aged 9-11
May have a Dublin accent
Should be confident and enjoy a bit of banter

Audition Instructions:

Tell us a little about yourself and why you’d be suited for this role. let us know about any acting exp you have.

Important tip: Turn the phone sideways and wipe the lens! Be sure to read our auditioncam® tips for success.

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