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Pondling Monologue Challenge -week 2



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We were so super impressed by the response to the first week of the monologue self-taping challenge and now we want to see more!

What it is
Every week we'll launch a new monologue challenge focusing on a different theme. You'll have 5 days to submit your clip to us and we'll share our favourites with Fishponds' full database of casters and on our social media :)

You can pop your monologue up on your Fishpond profile when you're done to show off your work!

This week's challenge:
Week Two - the theme is Staying Home.

These are scenes from movies about kids/teens who are home from school - you should be able to identify with this a lot at the moment!

We know it can be difficult to choose a scene so we've done the hard work for you and selected two - one for 7 - 11 year olds and another for 12 - 15 year olds. Please learn your scene off by heart!

Simply click 'Apply' and follow the instructions to add your scene.

Tips for Filming at Home

Remember if filming on a phone make sure it is horizontal (on its side - not standing up!), film in a brightly lit space and ask the person filming to wipe the lens before you begin. Also, remember to act as if it was real life - don't go over the top with movement or facial expressions and just use your normal voice :)

Normally we advise you not to look into the camera but for these scenes, you can if you like.

Also, make sure you film this at home. No need to go outside and of course don't have anyone come over to help. Just rest your phone/camera/computer against something to film yourself or get a family member to help. 

We're really excited to watch your scenes!

Sincerely and best Fishes,

The Fishpond Team

Production Dates

Deadline is Tues 5th May at 5pm


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All young actors aged 7 -15

Playing age: 7 - 15 years old


Audition Instructions:

All info in summary

Sides: Pondling monolgue challenge - week 2.pdf

The Casting Director has attached a file to the bottom of this job for your reference.

Important tip: Turn the phone sideways and wipe the lens! Be sure to read our auditioncam® tips for success.


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