Jamie McClean

Independent Actor


Full Name
Jamie McClean
Physical Info
Male 6'1'' medium build with blue eyes, short black hair 
Playing Ages
26 - 30 years old
ireland, longford (native), cockney, dublin, regional ireland, northern ireland, english, Neutral american, french, russian, australian
I Have trained in Meisner technique extensively.
I'm good at improvisation and I'm good at thinking on the spot. I am also a good people person, I love meeting new people. I'm good at working with a team. I have also done horse riding for 3 years.
Additional Performances
Comedy, Improvisation, Musical theatre, Singer, Voice Over
Badminton, Basketball, Gaelic football, Hockey, Horseriding, Martial arts, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis
Vehicle Licences

Show Reels


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2020 ShortFilm Diarmuid Kelly God given opportunity Anne Marie Kelly
2019 FeatureFilm Adam Adams/Reid productions Manhunt Ian Adams
2018 ShortFilm Son Kelly Ma Ann-Marie Kelly
2018 Commercial Owen boys and girls Ulster Bank Henry Mason
2017 ShortFilm James RY and Ari productions A message for James Ryan Sloan
2017 FeatureFilm Jake Bankhouse productions Release Gerard Walsh
2016 Commercial Tom Spears Meteor xmas ad David Kerr
2016 ShortFilm Michael Heffernan Grand Infusion films The history of this moment Baz David
2011 Radio flynn dublin mcdonalds 2222 john hayes
2011 Commercial flynn dublin mcdonalds 2222 john hayes

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