Shane OBrien


Althea Screen Actor's Agency
Agent name
Sarah Allen Clarke


Full Name
Shane OBrien
Physical Info
Male 6'0'' average build with hazel eyes, short brown hair and beard 
Playing Ages
45 - 55 years old
Southern Irish (native), Northern Irish, Scottish, RP, Cockney,
Acting for TV and Film with Shane Munroe - Acting for Stage & Screen with Chrissie Poulter (Trinity College)
G,C,D Guitar Player,Good Car & Motorbike pilot,raced at a national level.
Dublin, Limerick
Additional Performances
Voice Over
Martial arts, Soccer, Swimming
Vehicle Licences
Car, Motorbike

Show Reels

Voice Reels

Better Together - Radio Commercial
Hero - Radio Commercial


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2018 Audio Bodacious - Narrator Harper & Collins Bodacious - The Shepherd Cat Craig Ginger
2018 Commercial George Sonic Surgery Stihl iMow Brendan Bourke
2017 FeatureFilm Fortis Room 12 Productions TOPOGRAPHICA HIBERNICA Liza Bolton
2016 Stage Inspector Drake Friars Gate Theatre Inspector Drake & the Perfekt Crime Max Hennessy
2015 Television Jim Griffin AClique Productions DiCKS Donal O'Shea
2015 ShortFilm Tom Stick Pony Rodeo Three Friends Michael Culpepper
2014 ShortFilm Charlie AClique Productions Monkfish Donal O'Shea
2013 FeatureFilm Finn Sixteen Films Jimmy's Hall Ken Loach
2012 Stage Sergeant Leahy Charleville, Co. Cork The Field (Jon Kenny as the Bull McCabe) Kevin O'Shea
2011 Stage Dennis Kilmallock, Co. Limerick. One for the Road Max Hennessy
2011 ShortFilm Sean Killarney, Co. Kerry Facade (AClique Productions) Donal O'Shea
2011 Stage Griffin Charleville, Co. Cork Moonshine Kevin O'Shea
2010 FeatureFilm Fr O'Shea Killarney, Co. Kerry Cop Story II - Dance Story Donal O'Shea
2010 Corporate Shop Owner Midleton, Co. Cork. Spring Grove Corporate Video Janet Beck
2010 Promo William Williams Dublin Galloping Maggots, (Storyland Promo) Ben O'Connor
2010 Documentary David Neligan Dublin CSí. Murder in Little Jerusalem Kevin Cummins
2010 ShortFilm Maitre D Dublin The Waitress Michael Goldberg
2010 ShortFilm The Stranger Cork The Last One Noel McElligott
2010 Stage Bernard Kilmallock, Co. Limerick. Don't Dress for Dinner Robert Lee
2009 ShortFilm Inspector Monroe Cork Jumping Jack Flash Demian Lovett
2009 ShortFilm Rick Cork Snapped Brian Gallagher
2008 Stage Algernon Moncrieff Kilmallock, Co. Limerick. The Importance of Being Earnest John McGrath
2008 Television Max the gardener Limerick Marry Me
2008 Television DJ (Bally Boys) Ballinahinch & Killoscully, Co. Tipperary. Killinaskully Eugene O'Connor
2007 Stage File Kilmallock, Co. Limerick. The Rainmaker John McGrath
2007 Stage Mark Dolson Kilmallock, Co. Limerick. Mass Appeal John McGrath
2007 Television DJ (Bally Boys) Ballinahinch & Killoscully, Co. Tipperary. Killinaskully Eugene O'Connor
2007 Documentary David Neligan Dublin Get Collins (Celtic Media award winning production for RTE) Steve Carson
2006 Television DJ (Bally Boys) Ballinahinch & Killoscully, Co. Tipperary. Killinaskully Eugene O'Connor
2005 Stage Gerald Croft Kilmallock, Co. Limerick. An Inspector Calls Robert Lee
1999 Stage Valere Limerick The Miser Maurice O'Sullivan
1997 Television Armed Thief Limerick Crimeline Midas Productions
1995 Corporate Albert Limerick Albert Niall Moore
1993 Stage IRA Mobiliser Limerick Juno and the Paycock Joan McGarry

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