Fishpond Actors Bursary Winners

We had a ball watching all of the scenes that inspired our lovely Fishpondians to follow their dreams. This F.A.B. called on actors to send us their interpretation of the scenes, films, moments or actors in a particular performance that inspired them!

For anyone who doesn't know, click here to find out all about F.A.B.

Our top prize winners have their subscriptions extended for an additional 12 months. We're delighted to award our spot prize winners an additional 3 months.  EVERYONE who entered got a FREE MONTH and their audition video was added to their Fishpond profile by a member of our team!

Recipients of the Fishpond Actors’ Bursary (F.A.B.)
An annual subscription to Fishpond is awarded to:

Best Teen
Eimear Powell

Best Female 
Rachel C. Mariam

Best Male
Patrick O'Brien
Keith Jordan

Additional Bursaries
We simply couldn’t overlook these actors and want to give them all an additional 3 months subscription

Roisin Donovan
Anne Doyle
Martina Babisova

Abdul Alshareef
Peter O'Byrne

Everyone has been given an extra month on the site for taking part.

We will be circulating the top entries in our casting newsletter which will reach the inbox of all the companies and individuals seeking acting talent in Ireland.

Look out for the next F.A.B. opportunity coming soon.

A big scaly kiss from,
The Fishpond Team

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