Fishpond's New Features for Casters

Fishpond Has Taken Another Leap Forward!

We've been flapping our tails off here at Fishpond Towers and have an exciting list of new features we're buzzing to introduce - tweaks and additions to make YOUR casting life easier.
Allow us to present...

Searching for Siblings? Search in a snap!
Looking for actual siblings for your project? Siblings' profiles are now linked on Fishpond so click to search kids who have siblings on the site and click to easily view bro and sis too.

Message All
Want to say the same thing to everyone at the same time? You can now send one message to all your shortlisted actors with one click. No more copying and pasting. Just select specific actors from your shortlist and send them all the same message. You can send one message to all the independents on your list and another to represented actors and their agents. This one takes about 5 seconds.

Agent Organisation is in Town
Agents are now very easily categorised, so with one tap you can send your brief to main adult actor agents, child or commercial and model agencies.
And our new clickable system means you can now easily create your own recipient list in double quick time.

Fishpond Tabs
You'll find that actors' names are now on each tab, so you can open a number of actors' profiles and find them easily when searching.

Fancy a Date?
We know that it can be hard to tell how old a child is by looking at their pics, so we've gone ahead and added their DOB to each under 16's profile. No more requesting exact current ages.

See all your sent SMS'
When you use our Fishpond text feature to message an actor, it's now that much easier to keep track of sent messages. Check out your new SMS Messages tab on your dashboard which keeps a record of all the texts you've sent. All texts are sent free of charge with our compliments.

Who is with whom and where did they come from?

Casting directors have told us they love our filtering options, which lets them see only actors who have applied/ only actors they have shortlisted etc. for their job.

Now you can filter further and view only actors with an agent or only independent actors, which ties in nicely with the Message All function to help YOU save typing time!

At Fishpond we love to hear from you. Successes, frustrations, joy, jokes and suggestions - please do send them our way. We will always do our best to develop any new features that would help your process.

If you ever need any help at all, please do get in touch with Florence on 01-4433545 or pop an email to florence@fishpond.ie

Swim happy and free,

The Fishpond Team

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