F.A.B. Pondling Winners

The Fishpond Team has been tickled pink wading through all the WONDERFUL entries for our PONDLINGS F.A.B. competition.

Find out more about F.A.B. here

After exteeensive deliberating, here, without further ado, are the winners of the very first Pondlings F.A.B.

Our top prize winners have their Pondlings subscription extended for an additional 12 months.
We're delighted to award our other tiny triumphant thespians with an additional 6 months.

Winners 4-6 years

Isobel M
Faolan B

Winners 7-11 years
Isabel C
Conor F

Winners 12-15 years
Katie G
Luke Andrew F

Special Mention 12-15 years
Adam D
Aisling F

Spot Prizes

Best Imagination - (we want to be a mermaid when we grow up too!) 
Sophie D
Best Reaction to her own Joke - Carla O
Most Professional - Lily R
Best Costume - Rebecca C
Best Accent - Emily S
Best Background and Framing - Caolan H
Best Joke - Daisy S
Best Adaptation - Chiara Lyn V

Adding a video to your page really helps your chance of being called to audition - more Auditioncam competitions to come - so if it wasn't you this time, next time is coming very soon.

A big scaly kiss from The Fishpond Team

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