F.A.B. Fishpond Actors’ Bursary

We're very proud to launch The Fishpond Actors' Bursary aka F.A.B.

F.A.B. calls on actors to record a short scene for camera using Auditioncam to be in with a chance to win some fantastic prizes. This is especially perfect for anyone who has been meaning to record a scene or get a showreel put together, as the Fishpond Team will happily add your clip to your Fishpond profile for you. Having some recent camera work on your profile, greatly improves your chances of being called to audition.

So what exactly is Auditioncam, we hear you ponder?
Auditioncam allows actors to record their own audition at home using their camera, smart phone, tablet or webcam and send it straight to the casting director’s dashboard. This means casting directors can now request self taped auditions and actors can be seen for more roles than ever before!

What are the prizes?

The prizes will be unique to each F.A.B. Some of our previous prizes ranged from 6 months for a full year free membership on Fishpond with random spot prized of one month!

How to enter.........

Just keep an eye on your emails. All you have to do is login and follow the instructions within the brief.

Scaly kiss,
The Fishpond Team

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