Caitriona Ni Threasaigh


Agent name
Annette Walsh


Full Name
Caitriona Ni Threasaigh
Physical Info
Female 5'6'' slim build with brown eyes, medium brown hair 
Playing Ages
45 - 55 years old
Fluent in Irish, English, Spanish
Irish Speaker
Irish (South Dublin/ Neutral) (native), Inner City Dublin, West of Ireland
2017 Clown Through Mask with Sue Morrison, Toronto, Canada 2015 Micheal Checkov Master Class, Berlin 2013 - 2014 Advanced Course of The Michael Checkov Technique @ The Gaiety School of Acting 2011 - 2013 The Gaiety School of Acting
2004- BA, Fine Art, Painting, NCAD 1986- BA, Irish and Linguistics, UCD 1984 - 1993 TEFL Teacher 1995 - 2012 Experience in Costume for film and theatre, specialising in Costume Breakdown and Dyeing
Horseriding, Swimming
Vehicle Licences


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2013 Television Róisín Stirling Productions Scúp Declan Recks
2013 Commercial Mum Speers Films Aldi Christmas Commercial David Hartley
2013 Stage Molly The President's Players Bloom's Day @ Aras an Uachtaran Kevin O'Conor
2013 Stage Magda Seán Conroy, Dublin Aufseherin Seán Conroy
2013 Stage Witch/Servant A+Perfromances, Dublin Macbeth Anne Smiddy
2013 Film Máire Inis Bofin An t-Oileán Kathleen Bracke
2012 Documentary Apprentice Clare Island, Co. Mayo Craft Masters Big Mountain Productions
2012 Documentary Choir singer Dublin Georgian Lifters Flash Choir Phizzfest
2012 FeatureFilm Bridie Co. Monaghan Flatlake Pat Mc Cabe / Kevin Allen
2011 ShortFilm Mother Dublin A Sister's Tale Marek Bogacki Staszkiewicz
2010 ShortFilm Woman Dublin The Kitchen Eleanore Nicolas
2010 RehearsedReading Storyteller Dublin National Storytelling Day Chapters Bookshop
2009 Radio Story writer and reader Dublin Sunday Miscellany Cliona Ni Anluain
2008 Documentary Interviewee Co. Mayo/Mongolia Nationwide Mary Kennedy
2008 Event Cafe Proprietor (1 Night) Film Base Cafe, Dublin Personality Cafe Dublin Fringe
2008 Television Panelist Galway Soisceal Phadraig Padraig Breathnach
2007 Event Cafe Proprietor (1 Night) Cake Cafe Personality Cafe Dublin Fringe
2007 Television Panelist Galway Soisceal Phadraig Padraig Breathnach
2007 Television Panelist Dublin Ardan Daithi O Se
2007 Street Theatre Performance Artist Dublin Give a Thing, Get it Back Dublin Fringe

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