Caitlin Richardson


PS Creative Artists
Agent name
Phyllis Monaghan
50 tara court balbriggan co dublin


Full Name
Caitlin Richardson
Physical Info
Female 5'3'' slim build with green eyes, medium brown hair 
Playing Ages
16 - 24 years old
dublin, irish (native), good ear for accents, any english or irish, liverpool,cockney
Terry McMahon course January 2017- March Training with PS Actors Agency - Sinead Monaghan - Philippa Stapleton Voice Workshop - Cathal Quinn, The Lire Project Physical Theatre Workshop - Bryan Burroughs Acting to Camera Workshop - Terry McMahon - SInead Monaghan Acting to Camera Workshop - Jason Figgis - Sinead Monaghan Young Dramateers Acting classes Dance Singing Musical theatre. Modeling. Singing classes with Paul Harington Workshop with Colin Farrell - The Factory
Blogger, fitness, professional makeup artist, interest in fashion, makeup, reading and sports.
Additional Performances


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2017 Commercial Daughter Speers Film Aldi fresh meat sarah
2014 FeatureFilm Caroline Terry Mcmahon Patrick's Day Terry Mcmahon

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