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I love to have fun everyday. I love to perform.


Maureen V Ward/Talented Kids Agency
Agent name
Maureen Ward
23 Burrow Manor, Calverstown, Kilcullen, Co Kildare




Full Name
Physical Info
Female 4'0'' slim build with blue eyes, long blonde hair 
Date of Birth
September 2009
Playing Ages
7 - 10 years old
Dublin (native), English and American
I take part in Talented kids every Friday where I do drama & Singing. I also attend Hiphop/Jazz/Commercial & Lyrical dance classes, Irish Dancing and Drama class.
I love singing with my sisters and Irish dancing and playing with my friends. I love all sorts of Musical Theatre shows.
Contemporary, Hip Hop, Irish Dancing, Jazz
Additional Performances
Musical theatre, Singer, Voice Over
To Be Invisible
My Favourite Actor
One thing to bring to a desert island
My Imaginery friend. His name is Gordy

Show Reels


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2019 Television Laura Dunne Parallel Films Darklands Season 1 Mark O'Connor
2019 Still Photography Model Cyrillus Still ModellingCyrill Cyrillus French Company
2019 Television Laura Dunne Ringside Productions Darklands Mark O'Connor
2019 Television Dancer with the Professionals - Mary Poppins Shinawhil Dancing with the Stars RTE
2019 Commercial Daughter - Little Girl Vodafone Vodafone - Dermot Bannan Damien
2018 Television Little Girl for a Holiday Travel Republic Travel Republic Voice Over Travel Republic
2018 Television Little Girl for a Holiday Travel Republic Travel Republic Voice Over Travel Republic
2018 Voice Over Rosie Jam Media Productions 'Wiremen' Jam Media Productions
2018 Musical Under 10Vocal Comp Winner Newpark Newpark Music Festival Noel Mason
2018 ShortFilm Rachael Suitable Films 'Day Out' Virginia Gilbert
2018 Event Singer 1st Prize U10 Newpark Music Festival Noel Mason
2017 Musical 'Molly' Festival Productions 'Annie' National Concert Hall Tony Finnegan
2017 Dance Numerous Firsts in Under 8 Competitions An Comhdhail Irish Dancing Feises An Comhdhail
2017 Television Featured Solo Singer True Colours RTE The Late Late Toy Show RTE
2017 Film Siobhan Callaghan Michael Tully Dont Leave Home Michael Tully
2017 Musical Ivanka Landmark Productions Once The Musical The Olympia Theatre Landmark Productions
2017 Musical Young Cosette 'Les Mis' Perrystown Perrystown Variety Show Audrey Nolan Geoff Woods
2017 Radio Singer 2 Songs Special Guest Apperarance RTE JNR RTE Junior RTE Junior Radio
2017 FeatureFilm Lost Girl Siobhan Callahan Diorama Film Productions DAC Dont Leave Home Michael Tully
2017 Commercial Little Girl Pull The Trigger/TWBA Dublin Calor Gas Generation Advert Phil Montgomery
2016 Event Distinction Primary Grade Kathryn Coffey Stage51 Drama Exam Leinster School of Drama
2016 Stage Child Festival Productions Bugsy Malone Tony Finnegan
2016 Internet School Child Pharmaton Pharmaton Multi Vitamins Pharmaton ltd
2016 Commercial Child RTE Adlab McDonalds RTE Big Movie Night Stings RTE
2016 MusicVideo Singer RIAM Preliminary Singing Grade Riam
2016 Television Singing RTE Junior Twigin Emma O Driscoll
2016 Still Photography Little girl Ulster Bank Charity Week in Ulsterbank for Irish Cancer Ulster Bank
2015 Commercial Little girl on Scooter Smyths Toy Stores Smyths Scooter commercial Smyths
2015 Musical Singer/Dancer Perrrystown Perrystown Variety Show Edith Lynch
2014 Musical Chick Festivl Produtions The Wizard of OZ Vivian Coates
2014 Dance Won best performer Talented Kids Dance day with Talented kids Maureen V Ward
2014 Event 1st Place in Singing Talented Kids Singing Day Maureen V Ward
2014 Event Best Performer Talented Kids Dance Day Maureen V Ward
2012 Commercial Child in Creche Aptimal Aptimal Milk Advert Aptimal

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